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Petititoes Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2017  New Deviant
Your art is gorgeous. I can’t stop looking at it <3
AgentCorrina Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much!! <3
Petititoes Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017  New Deviant
Your welcome :3 
TaroPop Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
whooooaaaaa, thats goood stuff
Deviant-Soulmates Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I wish I knew how to do what you do, Im trying to hard to practice, but its hard to practice when I dont even know how my favorite artists do stuff D:
If you dont mind, who did you use as inspiration when you first started art? Or what did you use to help you practice the best?
AgentCorrina Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh gosh no worries!! ;v; thank you so much!! dfgjhdfk im honored tbh!
but i'm still very far from where i want to be and it's a lot of work and a long road ahhh


sorry in advance for long post i didnt think itd get so long you dont gotta read it
im also probably not the best to ask since im still learning so much :,| im a wee babby

anyhow i had lots of inspirations at the beginning though! when i started doing digital work anyhow. (before that i drew the same for years LOL)

the biggest inspiration i have is my friends! they all play roles in my artistic development and they help keep me motivated while also offering decent advice if i need it! as well as my peers in the art communities im in as theyre what drives me to improve!

aside from my cool friends (who all deserve the best attention) there's sooo many artists i love and have been inspired from since i first began doing digital work! there were more but back when cghub got taken down i lost track of many. also this is just... off the top of my head so im likely missing a lot. (the one who got me into digital painting when i saw her work when i was 13!) (one of my favorites but a lot of their old work isnt available anymore sadly) (a collection of arwork by Yoshitaka Amano)
Hirohiko Araki (the guy who does jojos bizarre adventure)
there's also these tutorials, i havent watched every single one but many of them that ive seen are useful!…

i also have a tag here where i keep art that inspires me!…

i feel like it's really important to have lots of inspirations! and aside from that i found it helpful to save pictures i liked and was inspired by! i have a huge personal library of things now to look at!


for practicing though i think it's important to find something that works for you? and to not be hard on yourself if you don't do something right. no one made a masterpiece their first try.

despite what society likes to push in our faces all the time there's no real pressure to be THE BEST right now, since there will probably never be a point in your life when you HAVE to stop drawing unless you really want to. you have tons of time. you can put it down and come back to it if you want. and hey a lot of the artists i linked are in their late twenties and early 30s! Araki is 56 and still drawing comics that people love after 30+ years,  and there's tons of other old artists out there!

it really seriously all depends on you though since no one can magically make anyone feel at 100% about their work. you have to just keep trying things and striving to learn and improve if that's what you wanna do. if you want to do something you can learn how it just takes time, sometimes A LOT of time. stuff is gradual. OKAY THO SORRY FOR A RAMBLE YOU DONT HAVE TO READ THAT.

to practice -- and i preface this with that this is JUST ME i can't speak for anyone else! everyone is different and my way isn't the right way or best way. find the shoe that fits my dude.

anyhow for me personally what i do is when im not drawing i tend to think about drawing a lot anyway.
i look at things around me and mentally break them down into art assets, and i do the same with whatever picture i might be looking at. if i see something specific like a technique i'd like to include or try out in w/e im working on i'll do the same thing?? and by analyzing other works or photos i can better incorporate new skills/techniques into what im doing. i feel it can be really good to have a critical eye, and im not saying be harsh or mean about other people's skill, but it's good to break down the work of artists you love! you can actually find out a lot this way!

the second thing i do is lots of sketches and unfinished work. constant abandoned projects. color tests, design tests, tests and tests and tests. i only post about maybe 20% of my work here? since so much is sketches. if you wanna get better at a specific thing you just have to draw that thing until you can figure out how it works. i spent a whole year drawing.,..lots of legs. id try to draw more legs. 2016 was the year of legs. 2015 was the year of learning how to draw animals LOL. also trying... new things all the time. a different way of painting, new brushes, a different type of lineart, working at a different resolution, ect.

a lot of ppl focus on keeping a consistent style and feel like they NEED a 'style' but personally i like being inconsistent since i like showing i have some range and that im not afraid to try new things even if it's a slow progression. this is still just how i personally feel though!

and like. all n all if you have a bad day or cant get something to look right theres no harm in doing something else. i usually take a break from a drawing with another drawing most of the time though dfkgdkg

sorry this was long and got off topic. art is like,,  my passion i always wanna talk forever about it LOL
BlueSapphireTear Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not to like spook you out or anything, but like this is some extremely helpful and inspiring material(at least for me o3o") and I think that others could find it useful too. So if you want to, you could make a journal about this o-o" ♥
Deviant-Soulmates Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
This was literally the best help Ive ever received, I always feel so bad for asking because I LOVE having conversations about this, but everyone seems intimidated by long paragraphs of text.
Thank you so much for your input, this is seriously the most anyone has ever expressed their view of art to me ;u;
I ended up bookmarking every link you sent me XD

Okay but for real, this actually points out a few things that I think Ive forgotten. Ive been looking at all these artists, and Im sure youve noticed, a lot of them are young. 17-20 Early 20's etc. And it honestly made me compare myself with them ONLY because of their age. And it frustrated me. But I know I need to step back and realize there is no rush in being perfect with my art, and I know ill never achieve that, but every day that goes by makes me feel more and more confident in myself.
I used to have this MAJOR idol. She was my only idol. I started copying her work, trying her technique and style, and I realized that wasnt really my thing. so I did it to another artist, and I was so upset how inconsistent my work is. And even now, I like to do different things. Some work with lineart, some work painted, other works traditional or abstract like, I just love trying new stuff!
I realized I cant have just one idol. Or even 5. Now Ive made a collection as well of everything that inspires me, deviant-soulmates.deviantart.c…
there's just so many good pieces out there ^_^

Oh boy now im rambling too, but I just really really want to thank you for your time, people like you who are able to give advice to me just inspires me that much more, but i cant just work off of inspiration, but motivation and discipline.
You're super awesome, really! <3
AgentCorrina Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry it took me a bit to respond but i finally got a chance to sit down and read! it is also very early in the morning for me so im sure this is all over the place zzz

but you're super welcome! ;v; i always feel bad when i write so much and feel like im over explaining too much but i have a lot of feelings about art things since it's super important to me and there's lots of things i wish i could've realized earlier. i didn't have the greatest art experiences growing up so i learned a LOT. still really just my opinions on the whole thing though since everyone sees art differently.

and something ive noticed with a lot of people, myself included, is even though we're young and may be pretty good at one thing specifically there's a lot of stuff we can't even begin to draw. so on the surface, with the combination of never seeing any in between art/unfinished/'failed' art + only seeing their BEST WORK a lot of the time, and probably of things they're much more confident in drawing. it makes you feel so inadequate ;;; but its just not the case. like up until recently i actually had never drawn an animal and couldnt draw one at all LOL. and they're still a struggle (how do muzzles from the front?? who knows. but ill figure out how to do it eventually) and i know there's a lot of artists the reverse of me who love drawing animals and can make the most lovely animal work but just can't figure out human characters, or people with good skill that struggle with designing characters and such, or w/e else. (though it's not like anyone HAS to know everything) so honestly at this point it's just... not worth it to compare. the only time ill ever do so is to set a goal for myself. goals that you dont gotta meet right away, just something to aim for eventually.

and tbh variety is the best thing, trying different styles is the best thing. and honestly a lot of people ive known had idols they looked up to so much that they tried to emulate. and yeah it can be a learning tool (i know of art classes that have people emulate older artists from history to better grasp certain techniques actually) but if you spend ALL your time chasing after someone else, trying to make what they would make in their style then you're missing out on things that you would make. and it tends to stagnate your progress a lot. that's how i see it anyway.

your insp folder is looking cool too by the way! i'm honored some of my work is in there ;v; !!! and thank you so much for chatting with me a bit about this. im so sorry for the paragraphs though, i gotta stop this bad habit LOL.

thank you so much though! and you're awesome too!!
Autumnal-Husky Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gentle screaming what an awesome gallery ;___; I adore your style!
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